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What Happens At My First Appointment​​​​​​​

New Patient

 We offer our patients forms on our website that can be completed and printed for their convenience before they arrive for their appointment.

Or - Patients can fill out the forms at our office upon their arrival. Please arrive around 20 minutes before the appointment to allow time to fill out forms. Either way you will be greeted with a warm welcome!!


Dr. Brooks will meet with you to get to know you., your concerns, your problems, and your conditions. This first consultation is designed for him to learn about and help you meet your goals.​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​To help determine your areas of concern, he will take X-rays helping to put together the most effective treatment plan. In some cases patients can actually see their misalignments and degeneration, this can be very informative as well as helpful in understanding your pain.


​​​​​​​After completing your consultation Dr. Brooks does a complete examination. Including neurological, orthopedic, posture, and physical tests including reflexes and flexibility tests as well.

Report Of Findings

Gathering all the information from your forms, consultation, examination, and X-rays, putting together his findings to develop a treatment plan and recommendations best suited to meet your needs and goals. This Report of Findings is given at your second visit giving him time to review your file and put together his findings. Treatment will start on your second visit after reviewing the report together & it is decided to move forward. 

Overcome Common Injuries

Without Medication

Neck & Back Pain Relief